A “Moving-On” Orpheus

I think falling in love is like hunger and satisfaction at the same time. You crave for a person’s essence and no one else’s. Once you fall for someone deeply, you wouldn’t imagine being in love with someone else. You happily let your heart fall exclusively into the hands of “the one.” You let yourself be wrapped around those pair of arms and think of spending forever trapped in them. You’d wish it would stay. But the more you wish for its everlasting existence, the more you grow hungry for their warmth and presence every moment. Thus, you wish to be inseparable.

I wish to find a guy who’ll care for me the way Orpheus did. I want someone who will never be okay when the word “goodbye” comes out of my mouth. I want someone to want to have a second chance with me so bad that he’d go as far, or even beyond what he can do. I want someone to care that much. Do you think I’d be able find my Orpheus? What if I already did? And what if I was his Orpheus? And he was my beautiful my nymph.

Maybe it went the other way around for me. The guy, being Eurydice, left me alone and miserable. And I, being Orpheus, lost my mind over the reality of living a life without him. What does it take to be able to get back someone you loved and lost? I know this life is full of misfortunes; and that losing a loved on is one of them. But can’t people find luck around here and have at least one more try in making things work with that person the second time around? Despite the risks, wouldn’t it still be worth it even if we have no idea when, how, and if they will be slipping through our fingertips once more?

If I lose my Eurydice the same way Orpheus lost his, I’d accept it. I may not be able to handle it at first but I’d take it. I won’t bother trying to find ways to get him back because death is something inevitable. Life won’t stop for you and give you time to revive him. Life moves on. So you have to move on, too. So let’s say we still live in a world where mythology is our religion and that we can talk to gods and beg to them for our yearnings. If my Eurydice dies, I’m not the unlucky one. As long as I’m still living, there awaits a myriad of doors and chances all for my taking. I’m not hopeless. But if he comes back to life, why not?

Everyone would kill to get the chance Orpheus was given. Yet, he wasted it. He had her. He almost had her. All he had to was not to look back. If only he held in his excitement. But the thought of love excites us too much. So we worry when we feel them disappearing. That is why when Orpheus felt unsure of the footsteps Eurydice was making, of the deal Hades made, he had to turn around. “Will I be losing her again?” So, he looked back. For the second time, he saw her yet again. And for the second time, she was gone from his reach.

Sometimes, you have to be selfish. Don’t trap yourself in painful memories. Don’t dwell on memories that linger in them. Life moves on. Why shouldn’t you?


Source of featured image: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7210/7004253439_6f61fb4064_o.jpg


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