A Quixotic World

Life will always be how you perceive it to be. Perceive it to be like how Quixote perceives his and you’ll find yourself battling it out with a giant windmill. Quixote is looked upon as someone out of his mind because what is real for him is not real for everyone; nor for anyone actually.

Maybe it’s quite impractical for you to actually feel like you’re diving in your utopia; especially when you’re really not. These utopias you wish for will remain forever only inside your minds. It will not extend greater than the size of your brain.

When you try to live out your utopia, just like how Don Quixote did, you won’t be applauded for the visionary hopes you’re trying to surface. You think they’ll realize the importance of your visionary scheme but they will not. They’ll trample on your already empty hopes without even trying to. You’ll get hurt just trying to open up to them your dream world.

People are too busy dwelling on the harsh reality. Some don’t really have their own utopias but rather they have their own beliefs and these beliefs of theirs are simple taped to corners of the real world. They don’t tell anyone about it and they don’t act as if they were true and nor do they unfold it within the terrain. If you’re planning on putting up your utopia, put it up outside Earth.

Quixote forgot to live outside the books from which he learned of chivalrous escapades. He has forgotten that he lives in a temporary world with unchangeable protests. It is as if he wants to replace the entire world and put everyone inside his head. And he is desperate enough to make adversaries from even the most holy and innocent just so he can make that happen.

Perhaps he is only trying to give his life purpose. And the only way he can think of is to become a knight since knights always have a lady to fight for, always have a land to defend, always have fellowmen to protect. It’s sad that, for this sole reason that people can’t see, he has turned out to look stupid in front of everyone.

Utopias are meant to stay in our imaginations. Don Quixote wasn’t out of his mind for believing that he could be a knight just like in the books. But he is out of his mind for actually going by as a dedicated knight with made-up battles in his made-up fantasies. He’s insane for pulling out his world of idealism. It is never meant for anyone else. These are just places we dream about and go to for a momentary escape.

This is the real world where multiple worlds never unfold nor coincide each other. It is locked away inside our heads and never to be displayed. This is a jaundiced world we live in. It can never be one’s utopia.


Source of featured image: http://www.donquixote.com/uploads/4/3/9/6/43962907/5772771_orig.jpg?479



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