The Ineluctable Contract of Mortality

At some point in life, we wish for death to just strike us. But when the time actually comes, when we see no light anymore, we yearn. We yearn for one more day. We want to give ourselves one more chance – or more. We desperately look for detours and stop signs. As soon as we reach a closed road, we hope to find an arrow directing us to an alternate road, a bridge or to a path that can prolong our journey. Why is that we look back when we’ve already gone beyond the dead-end sign and we’re already actually falling into pits of our fate with no we good and the way to save ourselves?

Death and fate are not the same thing. But you know what they have in common? There are things in life that we can’t ever escape from. These two are things in life that establish an equality between the rich and the poor, the good and the evil, the strong and the weak. We are all fated to die.

Remember Hektor from Iliad? He was referred to as the man-slaughtering Hektor. Quite an intimidating epithet for the mortal hero, right? Hah! Man-slaughtering? After Book 22, he’s no longer that hero. He became the man-slaughtered Hektor. When he died, did he fate? Did Achilles rush the ticking of Hektor’s life?

Zeus wanted to help Hektor escape his own end. But Athena refused to let him since she believed that the end that awaited for a person was immovable. For the final say, Zeus turned to the golden scales of fate and it told him otherwise. The man-slaughtering warrior should die first.

Even the strongest of all men has the ability to die and perish from this world. That is the state of mortality. We live, we die. No matter who we are, no matter how many things we are capable of, we cannot stop death’s dagger. The numerous life skills we acquire will do no good in preventing us from dying but rather merely postponing it. Every breath we take is just a matter of one inhale-exhale farther away from death. At the same time, it brings us closer to our time. Our fate will keep pulling us in no matter what we try to do.

Death will keep knocking on our doors. It’s always several steps ahead of us, never behind. That is why thwarting our own demise is impossible. Death was given a large head start since the day we were born. Life is laid out for mortals like that. We can’t thwart death because it will defy man’s state of mortality.

No one can save us from our own demise, not even the gods. We may choose different paths but it won’t always justify our end. We’ll end up in the same spot fate wants us to be. These are merely detours. We have a last common destination and that is our death beds. We all go back to the soil. We are buried.

We are helpless entities prancing in the earthly atmosphere that the Creator bestowed upon us. Inside our bodies are immortal souls that live inside deteriorating flesh. The souls that are trapped inside the flesh badly want to break out of the decaying armor that’s supposed to protect them. But who can lend a hand? Who can do anything about it? Our souls can’t jump from one deteriorating body to the next. We’re forced to maneuver around with the bodies we are in. These helpless, immortal souls die along with the decaying flesh armor. We are sole individuals helplessly succumbing to life’s ineluctable fall outs. We can not do anything about the insurmountable conflicts we encounter in our daily human lives. The gun will always be pointed at us; ready to pull the trigger. The gun follows us wherever we go. The only thing we can do about our own demise is hasten it – not to halt it.


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